On the go: 6 handbag-food tips

Have you ever been there? Feeling hungry when on the go with no great food choices around? It’s not always easy to find healthy snacks when out and about. That’s why I don’t like leaving the house without food in my bag. …read more


My top 3 breakfast picks

Good breakfast makes good day! Sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury – but always nutritious and filling.

1) Porridge. Oats keep blood sugar levels steady, fill up nicely and have a soothing effect on nerves. …read more


My top 3 weight loss tips (and it’s not calorie counting!)

It’s official – diets don’t work. Restricting calories without changing the quality of food and long-term eating habits will most likely lead to the well-known “yo-yo effect”: all the lost pounds will slowly creep back on when pre-diet eating habits are resumed. …read more


3 ways with buckwheat pancakes

Buckwheat pancakes are very versatile. They go well with both: savoury and sweet toppings. They also make a delicious salad wrap. I always have a prepared stack in my fridge to make a quick lunch or dinner. Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free and has a nutty taste. Curcumin gives these pancakes a golden look and aromatic flavour. …read more


Let’s have a picnic – food marketing at home

Ever noticed that some food tastes better when eaten in a different location? The apple that I enjoy ‘on-the-go’ for some mysterious reason seems to taste fresher and sweeter than the one I eat at my breakfast table. This made me think. And why should the same phenomenon not apply to my children? …read more


The Brussels sprout trauma – or how to become a vegetable hider

“I don’t want to eat this, it’s green!” says my 4 year old while gently tossing the deliciously steamed Brussels sprouts of his plate one…by…one. As they start rolling over the table, I wonder how to react next. I look at him and feel anger, rejection and disappointment. How can he not appreciate the greatness of these amazing healthy green vegetables? …read more