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30-60 minutes recipes
Sweet Stuff

Apple-almond cake

– 10-12 slices – 

This golden brown apple-almond cake is a real autumn treat. Deliciously flavourful and not too sweet. It is gluten-free because I use almond meal instead of wheat flour. And baking time is short because the cake is quite flat. …read more


Spiced nutty Christmas treat

– Serves 8-10 – 

Typically Dutch Christmas treat with a make-over. Simply made from nuts, dates and spices. No baking required. This festive treat goes well with a warm drink on a cold winter’s day. It is naturally gluten and refined sugar free. …read more


Pumpkin waffles

 – Makes about 4-6 waffles – 

I like to add veggies wherever possible. Waffles are a great way to sneak in the goodness. My kids don’t even notice they are having pumpkin for breakfast. I use oatmeal as a flour substitute in this recipe. The spices add a delicious festive flavour. …read more