On the go: 6 handbag-food tips

Have you ever been there? Feeling hungry when on the go with no great food choices around? It’s not always easy to find healthy snacks when out and about. That’s why I don’t like leaving the house without food in my bag. But it has to be practical, fit in my handbag, and not be messy. Here are my favourite 6 “handbag-food” choices: 

Almonds are great snack food full of goodness. Eating a small handful a day comes with many health benefits.

I always make sure to have a few boiled eggs in my fridge (they keep for about a week), so I can grab them on demand. Due to their high protein content they fill up in an instant.

Cherry tomatoes have the perfect bite size and are very refreshing. I put them in a small container to avoid squashing.

Dark chocolate (min. 70%) is not only and instant energy provider but also good for you. Often 1 or 2 pieces are enough to keep you going.

Dried dates are a deliciously sweet healthy snack and great substitute for additive loaded conventional sweets.

Last but not least, an all time classic: if you don’t fancy an apple you are not really hungry.


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16 June, 2024