My top 3 breakfast picks

Good breakfast makes good day! Sometimes sweet, sometimes savoury – but always nutritious and filling.

1) Porridge. Oats keep blood sugar levels steady, fill up nicely and have a soothing effect on nerves. Especially for children warm oat porridge is a nourishing alternative to classic sugar bombs such as jam sandwiches or packaged cereals.

2) Builder’s breakyI love big breakfasts. They keep me fuelled for busy mornings. Bacon and fried eggs are deliciously filling, but instead of buttered toast I load up with fresh veggies. A colourful plate full of healthy fats, fibre and vitamins.

3) Green Smoothie. A great way to have some veggies for breakfast. I usually use whatever fruit and vegetables I have available, add some water and healthy fats such as avocado, coconut oil or nuts and some lemon juice for a refreshing taste.


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13 June, 2024