1-5 minutes recipes
Sweet Stuff

Chocolate smoothie

– Serves 2 – 

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids drank a healthy smoothie every day? Unfortunately mine don’t always look that happy when I serve them my green creations. Being creative is therefore key. This chocolate smoothie made with banana and avocado is sweet and creamy. …read more

Virgin piña colada smoothie

– Serves 2 – 

Go coconuts! Make this refreshing power smoothie with coconut milk, pineapple and banana. The perfect summer blend and guaranteed mood booster. Great for parties or just on the go.  …read more

Berry & walnut yogurt

 – Serves 1 – 

Good breakfast makes good day! This recipe is fast and easy: just combine full fat yogurt with fresh berries and walnuts. Filling, nutritious and yummy. …read more

18 May, 2024