10-15 minutes recipes

Pomegranate porridge

– Serves 2 – 

Warm oat porridge is a nourishing breakfast alternative to classic sugar bombs such as jam sandwiches or packaged cereals. Oats can help keeping blood sugar levels steady, fill up nicely and can have a soothing effect on nerves. …read more

Builder’s breaky

– Serves 1 – 

I love big breakfasts. They keep me fuelled for busy mornings. Bacon and fried eggs are deliciously filling, but instead of buttered toast I load up with fresh veggies. A colourful plate full of healthy fats, fibre and vitamins.  …read more

Buckwheat pancakes

– Makes 2 medium sized pancakes

I prepare them nearly every day. These pancakes are an ideal basis for salad wraps and other hearty or sweet toppings. They can also be used as a basis for small creative pizzas and keep well in the fridge when prepared in advance.  …read more

18 May, 2024