10-15 minutes recipes
Lunch & Dinner

Beetroot salad with feta & walnuts

– Serves 2

Prepacked, cooked beetroot (without additives) is an ideal fast food veggie. It can be chopped up in an instant and is a great addition to salads. …read more

Superfast tomato soup

 – Serves 4 – 

Tinned tomatoes are the perfect ingredient for an easy last-minute soup. It’s very convenient to keep some in the cupboard for quick dinner solutions. This simple soup recipe is much more nutritious than any additive loaded supermarket version.  …read more

Peachy feta & spinach salad

 – Serves 2 –

Peach season lasts from July to September. The perfect moment to make this delicious summer salad. The sweetness of the peaches matches perfectly with the saltiness of the feta cheese.  …read more

15 June, 2024