5-10 minutes recipes

Nutty apple treats

 – Serves 2 – 

Looking for a healthy snack? Try apple slices covered with nut butter. Sweet, delicious and filling. A treat full of vitamins and healthy fats.  …read more

Chocolate mousse

– Serves 2 – 

Good news for all chocolate fans! This chocolate mousse is so good for you, it would even make a great breakfast or lunch. Avocado and banana are the main ingredients in this recipe. Just blend with dates and cacao powder for a delicious and healthy treat.  …read more

Fruity avocado salad

– Serves 2 – 

Need some extra energy? This salad makes an unexpected flavour combination, as the textures and fruits work really well together. A refreshing breakfast or afternoon snack. …read more

12 April, 2024