5-10 minutes recipes
Lunch & Dinner

Garlic mayonnaise

Mayonnaise – the perfect addition to salads, meats and veggies. Homemade garlic mayonnaise is my favourite condiment and flavour booster. Really easy to make and full of health boosting ingredients such as olive oil and garlic. …read more

Pesto rosso

 – 1 dip bowl – 

Making your own pesto is much easier than you might think: just combine all ingredients in the food processor and blend. Simple as that. Ready in no time and guaranteed to impress guests. …read more

Watermelon & feta salad

 – Serves 2 – 

The perfect summer food! Watermelon with feta cheese and a refreshing dressing. A great snack, starter or dessert to celebrate the melon season. …read more