60 minutes and longer recipes
Sweet Stuff

Strawberry ice pops

– Makes 6 – 8 ice pops – 

Healthy ice cream? Oh yes! As if you are making a smoothie: just blend fruit, avocado and coconut milk, fill into ice molds and freeze over night. As simple as that. …read more

Peanut butter ice cream

– Serves 2

A homemade, healthy and fast alternative to store-bought ice cream. Frozen bananas are the basis for this peanut butter ice cream. It is creamy, sweet, full of flavour and does not contain any added sugar.  …read more

Choco-nana almond milk

– Serves 2 

Loved by kids and adults alike. Creamy, chocolaty banana dream. Combine homemade almond milk with bananas and cacao powder to create this super tasty power drink. …read more

19 July, 2024