10-15 minutes recipes

Strawberry chocolate love!

– Serves 2 – 

Looking for an easy and delicious Valentine’s Day dessert? In this recipe you just have to melt dark chocolate and dip strawberries (or other fruit) in it. Fruit and chocolate are a divine combination. Celebrate love with this romantic easy-to-share dessert. …read more

Beetroot salad with feta & walnuts

– Serves 2

Prepacked, cooked beetroot (without additives) is an ideal fast food veggie. It can be chopped up in an instant and is a great addition to salads. …read more

Pomegranate porridge

– Serves 2 – 

Warm oat porridge is a nourishing breakfast alternative to classic sugar bombs such as jam sandwiches or packaged cereals. Oats can help keeping blood sugar levels steady, fill up nicely and can have a soothing effect on nerves. …read more

19 July, 2024